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1st February 2017 | By: Kariuki Wamaina

She manages three of Tanzania’s biggest music acts: Alikiba, Lady Jay Dee and Baraka Da Prince

This is her sixth year working with Alikiba. It all started with the One8 Project where she managed East African artistes and immediately she met him, liked everything about ‘Kiba’ as she fondly refers to him. After the project they kept in touch and consulted on some of his projects. She has been friends for a long time with Lady Jay and her eyes were the cover for her first album Machozi. The Yahaya singer asked Mosha to manage her after her and the husband, who used to manager her divorced. She met Baraka Da Prince at an Alikiba song launch and asked to manage him. 

2. She had a gentleman’s agreement with Alikiba for two years before legalising their partnership

They never asked each other any questions, “it just happened,” she says. She only works with artistes who have similar characters or personalities to hers. She has to know what they believe in, what they stand for and if they have strong values which is what connected her to Alikiba. 

3. She was a radio presenter at Clouds FM, worked with MTV and Sony Music

Mosha was a radio presenter at Clouds FM and when the station founded a record label, Smooth Vibe, she was heavily involved in being the ear of music and song writing. She left Clouds FM in 2009. At MTV, she worked for five years, (20005-2010) where she was part of the Artiste and Repertoire (A&R) department. She also worked at Sony Music for quite some time before branching out to head Rockstar4000. After leaving MTV she definitely knew she wanted to be an artiste manager. 

4. Her life revolves around her three artistes

Even when done for the day they are always bouncing ideas off each other. When they come up with ideas, they have to tell her immediately; always texting, asking her to check out something on YouTube or listen to songs they have recorded. She talks to Lady Jay Dee every 15 minutes because the singer’s mind is always spinning with ideas. Most of the time she is mentoring Barakah who is 23. But at times the parenting role kicks in which requires her to be stern and reassuring at other times. Of the three, Alikiba, rarely gets rattled and when situations get stressful he calms her down. Her job takes a toll on her social life and she is still trying to find a balance. By July all their albums will be out and she has informed them that she will take on a “personal passion project” which will require some down time. 

5. Her artistes have never been divas, at least not with her

Being friends and already established, Alikiba and Lady Jay Dee know what it takes to have an experienced manager and they know the rules of the game. She trusts them to make the right call on important decisions but most of the time it’s about which deal they should go for or negotiate more on. With Barakah it’s more of teaching and reminding him that she has been in the game longer. 

6. She was born in Nairobi

She was born in Nairobi, Kenya but moved to Moshi, Tanzania. Her family used to live in Lavington and relocated when she was four years old. However she visits Nairobi often. She has three other siblings and fondly remember that growing up her mother was very fun. She would play with them and bake for them. Her father was the provider and protector, he wasn’t particularly playful but would listen to music, watch movies and during the weekends he would make sure that they were all happy. She is the last born and is a daddy’s girl. 

7. Her real name is Christine Mosha

She remembers being taught about the seven deadly sins and Seven Wonders of the World hence ‘seven’ became a powerful number for her. She does not believe she is a Christine, if she had a Christine character her friends would be called Elizabeth or Victoria and she would be a housewife and stay at home mom. 

8. She has a good music and media contacts across Africa

Mosha has built a great network with people in the music industry, the media and does not believe in manufactured scandals. All the acts she chooses have significant and outstanding talent and do not need to thrive on scandals. They live a grounded life which makes it hard to find them involved in scandals. Some editors will actually get in touch with her to make sure that the stories at their desks are facts. However Baraka is a little bit prone to scandals because he is young. 

9. She has been crowned the ‘queen of comebacks’ back in Tanzania

Alikiba’s return to the music scene with the hit song 'Mwana' is one of her major highlights in her life as a manager. Lady Jay Dee’s comeback was equally successful. Although she is flattered by the title, she just thinks she works well with her team.

It was especially a big deal for Lady Jay Dee’s comeback because she does not get airplay from Clouds FM (in Tanzania) which is one of the most popular stations. It is believed that to be successful, an artiste’s songs must be played on the station.

Alikiba signing with Sony is also one of the most lucrative deals she brokered. When WizKid was wrongfully announced as the Best African Act at the MTV EMAs and they found a glitch in the system, it took a lot of negotiations, legal processes and politics to get it corrected.

10. Xtatic is one of the most talented artistes she has ever come across, but the hardest to manage

The only person she can compare Kenyan rapper Xtatic’s talent to as a rapper is Nigeria’s MI. For her, it was a no-brainer when she presented her to Sony. When other managers brought more than five artistes to pitch to executives at Sony, she only pitched Xtatic.

She believed Xtatic would be the future. Her songs immediately began playing in South Africa, she was nominated at the Channel O Awards and MTV highlighted her as the most watched artiste. Unfortunately, Mosha thinks she was not able to balance the fame and she became too hard to manage. 

11. She never talks about her personal life

Nobody knows whether Christine Mosha is single, dating or married. She does not post anything personal on her social media pages. 

12. She believes the Alikiba and Diamond feud is healthy competition

Mosha feels competition is good for entertainment and the showbiz scene. It keeps her artistes on their toes and entertainment vibrant. However she will only condone it as long as it does not get dangerous, she ensures it does not spill over to personal lives. They compete in everything from stylists to music producers. 

13. She does not know any other female managers in Africa

She does not know of any other female managers in Africa and does not feel isolated when in a room with the many male managers whom she is in good terms with. 

14. She does not believe women should buy their own jewellery

She spends her money on travel and she does not buy any of her jewellery. In a year, she has to go to at least three different countries she hasn’t been to. She loves to cook and likes good food.

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