New Story on Kalasha Awards

4th January 2017 | By: Phoenix Theatre

Khaligraph Jones’ newest video is for a song that was released in 2016.

When I first heard “Naked”, it took me to a place in the 2000s where there was a rich fusion on the Western world of R&B and hip hop, which I loved. He maintained a sort of nostalgic quality in the song, brought out by the touch of a good producer; that homage to a little bit of Dre in the add-ons in the song, and the automated voices that that time was known for.

That being said, the video was a bit of a disappointment. The mellow flow of the song, touched with a sensuality that it potent, is downplayed by a lazy video. Khaligraph’s lines are undeniable; the only problem I had with the song was that cheesy deep-voiced verse at the end, but even that kept true to the theme of the song. The (well-shot) video is basically Khaligraph, fully dressed, being walked around by a pretty girl with two outfits, periodically touching herself, as Khaligraph drops his lyrics.

On a personal even-system objectification point, I would have liked to see Khaligraph a little less clothed in a song called "Naked". I mean, it’s his song. And I always wonder if the girl is cold!

But also, aren’t we a little past this boring video vixen trope? And is there nothing they could do to put a spin on what everyone expected with said video? I think so. I think that, because Khali is so innovative with his words, his videos need to match up. I expected more.