Charity Mwangi

Full Name: Charity Mwangi
Country of Birth: Kenya
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1st January
Industry: Fashion
Speciality: Model
Height :  5ft 6 inches
Weight :  56Kgs
Bust :  87 inch
Hips :  78

Charity was born and raised on her family’s farm in Kiambu county, just to the North of Nairobi. A final year Public Health student, she says she wants to be a powerful and influential woman, and an inspiration to many. A professional dancer at 18 and the owner of a travel company at 20, Charity is ambitious and knows how to pursue her dreams, aspiring to greater success in the future. Charity loves adventures, solving puzzles and dancing. An avid reader, she cites Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and motivational speaker Robert Kiyasaki as her favourite authors. Her favourite dish is rice with marinated chicken.