Kisima Music Awards

Country: Kenya
Industry: Music
Business Type: Business

Kisima Music Awards has come to be recognized as the equivalent of other international awards much similar as it is done for MTV Awards, KORA Awards, Channel O Awards nominees and winners. Kisima Music Awards was set up in 1994 to acknowledge and reward excellence achievement across board, and has come a long way to the turning point in 2003 when the efforts of growth were fully targeted at music, thus defining a people and a culture. This year the ceremony will be celebrating its musicians. In the UNESCO Convention 2003 music was pinpointed as one of the underutilized resources to alleviate poverty in the third world. Over the years, Kisima Music Awards' remarkable and well documented rise and maturity of both the music practitioners and the industry has shown the potential of the whole spectrum once the harnessing of the vital organs are done to realize their dreams.


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